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11 Best Modeling Agencies in Fort Lauderdale and Miami

Having the best agency is pivotal to your success if you're wanting to become a model. Keep reading to learn about the top 11 best modeling agencies in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida.

If you're in Florida, you've probably already heard about the $164 million film studio that's being built. The film studio is set to bring in a number of new jobs in the entertainment and modeling industry. On top of this growing entertainment trend in South Florida, there are a number of modeling agencies and talent companies that work with beginner models. Here are the best ones to apply too.

1. BMG Modeling Agency

BMG has grown tremendously since its initial opening back in 1993! Now they have 7 offices across the country, with one being in Miami. Due to their corporate structure, the agency holds many diverse clients. Some clients are even on an international level.

This long client list allows for the agency to hire diverse models. They specifically look for unique features and measurements.

BMG also works in various sub-industries such as high fashion, sports, and commercial. Therefore, it's a great agency for models looking for various job opportunities.

Lastly, in 2006, BMG became a union talent representative. Now they service non-union and union talent! This boundless pursuit of inclusivity lands them in our top 11 modeling agencies in Miami.

2. Elite Modeling Agency

If you've been wanting to become a model in Miami, then you've probably heard of Elite. This Miami modeling agency became famous in New York. The founder is none other than John Casablancas. He is famous for having coined the term "supermodel". He even represented supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

Now, Elite services LA, Toronto, and Miami, looking to find their next supermodel. However, their New York office is at the center of the action. Nevertheless, modeling in Miami Florida has also become a hot spot for up-and-coming talent.

The Elite team recognizes that, which is why they've grown their office. Overall, this is a great agency because of its high-profile models.

For example, the agency represents big names like Natasha Poly and Violet Chachki. If you're in the Miami area and looking to build a reputable portfolio, consider Elite!

3. Posche Modeling Agency

Posche Models is one of the top modeling agencies in Fort Lauderdale. They were established in 2001 and have now grown in many different sub-industries. For example, Posche works in the media and print industry.

Therefore, it's a great modeling agency if you're not sure what type of modeling you want to pursue. New models tend to have a hard time since their features may not align with certain types of modeling.

For example, some runway models may not be suitable for catalog modeling. This is why it's important to choose modeling agencies that can grow and enhance your talent.

Las Olas is one of the only fully licensed modeling agencies in Fort Lauderdale. They have contracts with the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County to conduct business.

They first opened in 1995 with one model under their belt. They now service hundreds of teens, children, and adult models. They mostly focus on local projects, so many of their clients are in South Florida.

They also focus mostly on lifestyle shoots. This type of modeling does tend to be more consistent. However, if you're looking for more high-end fashion modeling, then Las Olas may not suit you.

Modeling in Miami can be throat cut which is why Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited is teaming up with The Option. The two modeling agencies have expanded their reach to Miami and LA. The Option first became known because of its boutique style of modeling.

In contrast, SLU is an athletic-style modeling agency. Some of their main clients are Nike and Adidas.

Together, they've unionized and become one of the top modeling agencies in Miami. If you're eager to become a model in Miami, consider this agency as they have a long list of clients.

The Kat agency is located in Fort Lauderdale and services a wide array of clients. The founder, Kat is a model and wardrobe stylist.

However, she's now focused on her entrepreneurial spirit and created Kat Agency. The CEO saw flaws in the industry early on in her career.

With her knowledge and experience, she decided she wanted to change the world of modeling. Thus creating an inclusive modeling agency in Fort Lauderdale. Currently, the modeling agency represents models for promotional and event models.

Therefore, some of the work you may get hired for are for car shows, conferences, and other events. However, Kat Agency also holds space for fashion and editorial models.

If you're a parent wanting to get your child into modeling, Future Faces Miami may be right for you. This agency is known for being one of the top children's modeling agencies in Florida. They've also built strong relationships over the years with big fashion names.

Therefore, they are looking for top-quality new-age models. Their selection process does tend to be more rigorous as they hand-pick every model.

This modeling agency might be more suitable for children who have some experience. However, if you believe your child is exceptionally gifted, still consider applying to them.

If you're wanting to become a high-fashion/editorial model, Next Management is perfect for you. Next is the leading model agency for global high-end modeling. They're an international-based too with offices in London, Paris, Milan, and Madrid. Yes, getting signed to NEXT Models is hard, but they are a top agency.

However, they also have offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. The founders are Faith Kates & Joel Wilkenfeld who have represented many A-list models. They also strive for trust, creating a long working relationship with all models.

Lastly, their goal is to make supermodels not just industry figureheads. Therefore, all endorsements are carefully curated before execution. So, you'll be sure to get good and honest work with Next.

TOWN is a boutique management and mother modeling company for talent ages 9+ in Florida and nationwide. Development is fully online. is a casting website that finds free castings and posts them online for models and actors. This is a worldwide blog for talent in every location including international.

Latitude is a development and casting platform that works with models and actors ages 10+. Mainly commercial print talent, the platform provides access to casting calls, agencies and development overseen by industry professionals. Latitude Talent has great reviews and is a good place to start if you need development and casting access.

Become a Model in Florida Today

To become a model you have to have poise, grace, and self-control. Even with all of these great traits, you may still fall under the cracks in this industry. Start by applying to the best companies above and visit our website today to learn how you can become a model.

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