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Want to Become a Plus Size Model in Miami Florida?

Have you strolled through Instagram and have seen brands with plus-size models and thought, “I could do that, I want to become a plus sized model!” In recent years, especially in 2020 and beyond, there have been a number of new retail brands and lines that are now focused on REAL sized consumers. Many aspiring models are interested in becoming a plus-size model in Florida, but they are not sure exactly what are the requirements of the field, especially in Miami, or know how to go about breaking into the industry.

Plus size modeling is a recognized area of modeling that specializes in full-figured women. Many agencies have a division called "curve" with focus on full sized talent. Plus size modeling typically focuses on women who are 5’7” tall and up, and a size 6-8 and up in dress, while this is not always the case, many talent that do not meet those specs still have a shot with an agency. When starting a journey in modeling, it is important to begin your career by first finding and working with a top modeling agency, however finding a talent agency especially in Miami is really hard to find. The Studio Miami specializes in all areas of modeling and acting, including plus size modeling, helping talent create the tools needed to land a modeling agent. The Studio Miami is not an agency, so we can take on those just starting out by providing them access with affordable, high quality images and talent resources.

When models are seeking to find a talent agency focusing on plus sized talent or those with a "curve division", it is important for the model to attend the meeting refreshed, happy and ready to get to action. Plus size models, like any other divisions in modeling, should have their comp cards or professional photos, as well as be dressed casual with minimal makeup.

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